Jolly Rancher Candy

The world famous Jolly Rancher candy holds a found place in the hearts of both Americans and those on the other side of the pond. Beginning its journey in 1949, the jolly rancher originally came to prominace in local sweet shops and ice cream parlours in Denver, USA. The name ‘Jolly Rancher’ was chosen to symbolise a friendly, welcoming, and western vibe. From there, it extended its allure to other states and soon became a nationwide phenomenon.

Jolly Rancher is much loved across the globe due to its variety of candies and flavours. Choose from our selection of classic Hard Candy, Lollipops, Gummies, Chews, Filled Lollipops and many more. For those who enjoy a twist, we also have the Tropical Hard Candy Share Bags. You can’t go wrong with Jolly Rancher!!!