Zap! Shades Disposable Vapes

Introducing the Zap! Shades Disposable Vape Pods, the newest innovation from the renowned Zap! Juice vape company. Hailing from Manchester, England, Zap! Juice has earned a reputation as a leader in the vaping industry, thanks to their exceptional range of premium e-liquids and nic salts. Now, they have taken their expertise to the next level with their own line of disposable pods. These disposable vape pods are designed with convenience and quality in mind. Each pod is pre-filled with Zap! Juice’s signature flavours, ensure a satisfying and flavorful vaping experience. With no need for refills or recharging, these pods are perfect for vapers on the go. The Zap! Shades Disposable Vape Pods are carefully crafted to deliver consistent and smooth hits, creating dense vapour clouds with every puff.

The Zap! Shades Vape Pods are powered by a 550mAh battery capable of giving approx 800 puffs. We invite you to experience the ultimate flavour and consistent nicotine delivery, with zaps new ceramic coil disposable solution.

Try delicious Zap! Shades flavours like Apple Crush, Crispy Lush, Wild Berries and soo much more!

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